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Another make up shot from yesterday’s video shoot. @effieg you did an amazing job, loving your flawless airbrush skills!!! 😘 #dreamer
by @rnbjayr “Thank you @_krisaquino for everything. You are truly amazing and generous. @darealmica @crisescolano #KrisTv” via @PhotoRepost_app
Today was probably the random-est / scary-est day of my life, when i visited #KrisTV set hoping to shoot a super quick off-the-record thing for my music video, and ended up getting invited by Tita Kris to join them on her show taping, impromptu. I felt so pa-extra there with the super stars @kylareal @rnbjayr , but very grateful for the experience. Whew. πŸ˜… #ohemgeeeeee
Day 2 shooting #Dreamer music video wrapped! BIGGEST THANK YOU to my amazing team today, who made shooting a gazillion scenes guerrilla style such a breeze and so much fun! This is how we do. Love you all. @kmproductionsofficial @crisescolano @effieg & the glamfam @beaconstantino @corinnejavier @doodlebean8 @mavness12 #comingsoon
BTS: #Dreamer video shoot , excited for this!!!  Its a wrap for today!!!! #comingsoon πŸ’‹
BTS: one of the last of many scenes today, one of the funnest to shoot πŸ˜‚ tryna be President of the phils, how much more boss lady can one dream of being. ✌️ #Dreamer #musicvideo #shootlife #funny #aspire #inspire  @kmproductionsofficial @effieg @crisescolano @doodlebean8
highlight of today! Baby Truffles @truffleslove greeting me as I paid a visit to shoot a quick scene at her momma & daddys crib @pattigrand @jonherrera πŸ˜πŸ‘Š punch. Cutest everrrr!!!
BTS: #regram by @effieg Thank you sooo much Effie πŸ’œ so glad we finally got to work together again, i knew it was always only a matter of time. Missed you heaps and so happy we got to do this! Yay! #dreamer #musicvideo #glamfam
BTS: #Dreamer video shoot, aint nobody do guerrilla style like we do .. Permits, what?? Lolol. πŸ˜‚ @kmproductionsofficial @corinnejavier @effieg @crisescolano
BTS: #Dreamer video shoot bright and early , catching the sunrise. #rooftop #helipad #goodmorning @kmproductionsofficial @effieg @corinnejavier @crisescolano
Batangas all day, now back in Manila again preppin’ all the looks for my video shoot tom…. Err, today, later in like 2 hours. i better get some sleep. Good luck to me. πŸ˜³πŸ˜΄πŸ˜› #Dreamer
Even dusk was soooooooo beautiful at the ranch today. Wow. πŸ’™ #home #family #nature #love

That moment when THE real Lea Salonga randomly drops by for dinner and sings her epic song for us in our living room. Its hard to be #Javier πŸ˜‚πŸŽΆπŸ™Œ

That sky tho. 😍 #myview

Whewwww!! Happy saturday everybody!! The kid in me will never fade away, big love from my lil playground πŸ’‹ #hyperlapse